Friday, June 10, 2011

What to do when the power goes out- Frey style

Last night, soon after I did the blog, the power went out! It was our first power outage as a married couple, so we enjoyed it! But I was seriously frightened because the sky became so dark, and the rain fell so hard, was kinda scary. So, what did Peter and I do??? Well, We roasted marshmallows over candles of course! haha Yummy, red candle marshmallows (we don't really recommend it)! 

We had dinner ready to go on the grill, and since it was raining so much we decided to go out on a date. We celebrated our 5th (month) anniversary of being married! So much fun!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

What's up Doc?

On Monday we went to my doctor...the good news is that my lung function (despite my symptoms) is great! Praise the Lord, He has sustained these lungs and keeps them going, even when I feel yucky. I finished my antibiotics (except the inhaled one) and I'm doing well! This morning I decided to do my therapy in a unique way... if you have ever seen me do my vest, you might understand this... I strap on a black plastic vest which blows up with air, and essentially just SHAKES me! The purpose is to shake loose any mucus that is in my lungs, so that it can't get comfy and get bacteria! Anyway...I decided that today I will do my vest backwards... and it Worked! I felt a lot better after putting on my vest backwards, because the back of it (which I put in the front) reaches my upper lobes of my lungs in the front, and helps them to "wake up" and work better! YAY for silly things that make my lungs feel better.
Anyway, enough about myself... let's get on to business-
This week has been crazy busy for Peter. He is finishing up his first summer class. It was a preaching class and he had to preach twice in a week! He finished his second sermon this morning, and now on to studying for his final tomorrow morning. What a trouper!And he is loving the class and can't wait till Hebrew starts in a couple of weeks! I was already watching utube kids videos that teach the aleph bet  (Hebrew Alphabet)! I might have been singing by myself in the living room the other night...hmmm
I babysat this morning, and that is always fun for me!
Well, unfortunately I don't have any pictures to share because I am charging my camera battery (which has been dead for a number of days- oops!)
Thanks for keeping up with us!
One more thing... I think I will do a series of posts to serve as a "Cystic Fibrosis awareness/teaching". I will post pictures and videos, so that you all will know a bit better what we are talking about when we say "the Vest" and stuff!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Month of May

The Month of May has been good... a bit of fun, fevers, and flowers.
It's Peter's Birthday month (19th) so that was super fun to have his first birthday...first married birthday that is. I got him a creme Brulee set (he loves creme brulee)...what a fun treat! We had a blast making it together...and what man doesn't feel powerful with a fire torch in his hand? hehe
I got sick earlier in the month (that's why I haven't written at all) and we have been trying to keep this lung infection under control with pills and inhaled antibiotics (trying to help my body last longer off of IVs). We are in the process of figuring out (or rather, trying to figure out) why my body does what it does. Praise the Lord, my lungs are in really great condition (little scarring) and are able to breath very well...the problem is, they decide not to breath so great some of the time. So...we are trying to figure it out and stop the cycle of sickness that has happened every 10 weeks for he past number of years. Our CF doctor has been good and really nice and understanding. It has been a joy to work with him. Our Cf clinic on the other hand can be kind of frustrating...only because it's a HUGE clinic (hundreds of patients). So they have a nurse for when I'm on IVs at home, and a different nurse if I have a question about my meds, and a different nurse I see in clinic and a different person to call if I need to schedule an appointment...etc You get the point.
So, today is my last day on my oral antibiotics and I have a couple more weeks inhaling my other antibiotic. Next week we go to see the doctor and hopefully we can figure the next step in helping my lungs out!
With the condition of my lungs I should only need IVs like once or twice a year (instead of every 10 weeks).

on a different note: the flowers are in full bloom and there is a beautiful tree bush thing outside my kitchen sink window which has huge pink flowers on it!
It's hot outside and it's hot inside too! Today is humid and hard to breath, so I'm just layin low. Peter's hard at work on his first summer class (preaching 101 sorta). We just watched a sermon together on dvd which was one of his assignments. He preaches on Friday and so he is submersed in sermon prep as well. We are so thankful for our time here in seminary. What a blessing!
Another big thing that happened this month is that my friend Tamara (one of my bridesmaids) went to Africa! She will be there until November. She has been doing well so far- Praise the Almighty! I miss her terribly, but she is serving Christ and He will teach her, use her and grow her while she is there!
Oh yeah, we also went to Chicago so that I could walk for graduation! That was awesome! We split an 8 pound cheeseburger with a bunch of guys from peter's prior dorm floor~ YUMMY!