Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Wednesday full of crazy!

Good (Wednesday) evening to all! Today has been a good day. It's my first day off of IVs, and I'm enjoying it! I am so thankful that the IVs worked and the Lord has given me amazing lung function. Thanks you, Jesus for sustaining me each and every day!

This morning, I was checking my email, and I had a lot of fishy things going on... I realized that something or someone hacked into my email and sent out crazy stuff! ARG! That being said, if you received an email from me with no subject as the title, please delete it...IT IS NOT FROM ME!

I decided that today would be the day I start baking again. Peter has a night class tonight, so I thought I should start on dinner early (1pm). Before I made dinner, I baked some hommade biscuits...MMM! Peter loved them! We made some plain and some with cheese on top. yup...biscuits.

Then I started on dinner- chicken
so, I had bought these split, half chicken breasts with bones a few weeks ago. today I decieded it was time to figure out how to cook this sort of thing- so I preheated the oven to 350 degrees and I started playing around with my chicken.
The name of my chicken is "golden chicken" because it's yellow when it is done cooking.
I put flower in a bowl and then seasoned it with curry, cumin, paprika, seasoned salt, salt and pepper. Random, but for some reason those were the spices I thought should go in there.

Then I covered the chicken with my flower mixture and put a few pieces of butter on top.
Into the oven...
then I checked the temp, and when it hit 140 degrees I took it out.

I also roasted some potato pieces, cooked egg noodles and made some peas.

for desert I made a few varieties of brownies... regular, cream-cheese, and m and m brownies!

We enjoyed a good dinner together and now he is at school.

On the menu tonight: laundry!

The Lord has given Peter and I such an amazing couple of first months together, and we are so thankful for the job He has provided, the house and His grace which sustains us!
To God be the glory, Great things He has done!
Whatever you are doing tonight...remember the Truth form Job 12:10 which is such an encouragement to me... "In his hand is the life of every creature
and the breath of all mankind."

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our little home

This is a little silly video of our new home! Enjoy! I wish we could have you over for some tea!
P.S I thought I'd share... after a long trip to the hospital for a check up and bone density scan, we came home to eat some dinner... edemame, fried mozzarella sticks, salad, ice cream and a peep (yes, the yellow, sugar covered fluff of sugar). And now I look over and Peter is eating some chips and salsa. oh no! I really need to cook him a good meal soon.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Facebook- good, bad, or ugly?

Well, there are many mixed reviews of the famous (or perhaps INFAMOUS) Facebook fad... dun dun dun!
Tonight, I have decided that it is GOOD!
As I was looking through the "happenings" in the ciberworld/facebook I saw a post from the chick-fil-a right down the street from Peter and I...
It read "come in tonight and mention this facebook post and get 8 free nuggets or three free strips". When I read that, my tummy and heart smiled.

As we walked out of chick fil a Peter wondered, "do you think they know how much of Chick-fil-a fanatics we are???" haha... they will with time, oh yes, they will.

Yes, tonight, Facebook, you have served your purpose!

Massachusettes to Maryland and Vice Versa

These are pictures from our sushi dinner on Sunday before evening church!

On Wednesday Peter and I drove to Maryland to visit our families! It was a little different than we anticipated, because Rachel was in the hospital. We are very sad that she has to be in the hospital and that we didn't get to see her or give her a hug. We did get to spend time with the Frey family and my mom and dad for a couple of days. We love you and miss you Rachel, and we will come back so that we can hang out together!!!! I love you!

While we were in MD...
we ate lunch with my grandparents...
went to Aldi (since we don't have one here in Danvers)...
Visited the Briggs (The amazing family who I spent the summer with last year)...
And visited with a few other friends too!

It was a short visit, but we had a good time!

I'm thankful for any time we get to spend in Hagerstown with our precious family!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Steve and his fresh turkey!

Hello all! Thanks for your prayers concerning my health. I am feeling better and still mending up. I have less side effects from the meds than when I first came home from the hospital- that is so nice! I can walk around without feeling like I'm swaying on a boat!
There was a day when it was so warm outside...and Peter and I had a picnic ! I got to see Salem MA for the first time (yes, the Scarlet letter place/witch trials).
I packed everything we needed for our picnic...except turkey. So after we parked our car, we went walking to find the nearest grocery store... and we walked, and walked and walked. It was more exercise than I've done in a long time (which is really good for me). Finally, we found it "Steve's Fresh Market". You know you've found a winner when it has the word "fresh" in the name!
So we bought our turkey and made our sandwiches and ate our picnic! A wonderful date with my wonderful Husband!!!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Warm cookies and milk- my favorite!

Today I woke up not feeling very well. So After I did my vest, I fell asleep. I have an interview this afternoon, and I kept on dreaming that I was late and I missed my interview! Not very restful! When I woke up, my body was ready for some food... My menu this morning consisted of: left-over spaghetti, strawberry yogurt, "Pillsbury" country biscuits (only not actually Pillsbury) with butter and jam, and to finish it of, some fresh, warm cookies and milk! I'm not "normal" with my eating patterns all of the time, but come on, everybody loves warm cookies and milk in the morning, right?!
Have a blessed day as you walk each step in His strength! And If we Truly are walking each step with Him, how can we not be blessed?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Marriage is Merry :)

Peter and I had a very fun day together! I babysat this morning and we went together! While I babysat he took care of an errand for his work- and then went to a coffee shop to work on school work! It was sunny and beautiful out today! We enjoyed singing together in the car with the windows opened!
The Lord gives us joy for each day! Thank you, Lord for who you are- thank you for your Goodness!
To God be the glory, friends, Great things HE has done!

Just dump it all in

Last night I was feeling a bit better (less feeling like I'm on a boat). My lungs are doing great compared to last week, and now I'm just dealing with a bit of weird feelings from the IVs. So, last night I decided to make spaghetti sauce. I browned the meat, and started opening cans of tomato sauce, and diced tomatoes... next I had my whole spice cabinet (which consists of two cardboard boxes in my top cabinet) on the counter and I just started sprinkling things in...a little onion salt, a little garlic powder, parsley, chili powder..etc
It turned out well! Peter liked it, so really that is all I care about! He said "it has a kick to it!" haha, I guess that would be the chili powder and the red pepper flakes I "shook" in!
Well, that was my most recent adventure!

Monday, March 14, 2011

blood and bed bugs

Well, since I last posted I spent a few days in the hospital. I went in to the Cystic Fibrosis clinic on Thursday and my lung function tests were lower, and I wasn't feeling too they decided it's time for IVs. I was admitted and began to get to know our new hospital and the way they do things. It was good over all! The people were nice, and the nurses were alright, and my doctor is AMAZING! There are so many great CF doctors in this world, and I have had the blessing of working with a few of them, and now I'm working with another great doc!
The hospital itself's old. So that comes with it's challenges. Like a bed that "creeks" when the respiratory therapists adjust it...etc
Yesterday I found myself laughing so hard! First, Peter saw a bug crawling in my bed (a silverfish bug)... so they gave me a whole new bed! wow! Then the nurse was making my bed and there was an adhessive heart monitor sticker fused to the blanket...o boy I laughed!
Peter and I had so much fun just being together on our mini "vacation" in the hospital!
The Lord has been our strength, and continues to be! To God be the glory great things He has done!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

On the 4th day of Easter, my true love gave to me...

This year in preparation for Easter, Mary and I are going through a devotional recommended to me from a professor I look up to most at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. It is called "Reliving the Passion" by Walter Wangerin Jr. We are four days into the 40 day journey to resurrection Sunday. Each day's devotion is a short and concise (2-3 pages) reflection on a passage from the gospel of Mark, drawing us in to experience anew Christ's passion in his suffering and death and to live in the reality of His resurrection. Mary and I have deeply appreciated Wangerin's ability to relive this all-so-familiar story of Easter in such fresh reflection. He writes in the Preface, "It is my intent that [the meditations of this book] should lead a reader step by step to an Easter celebration, walking with Jesus both in thought (learning along the way) and in a genuine feeling (experiencing The Way--experiencing the love of the Lord in his passion)."

If you are like Mary and I, the season of Lent has been an unfamiliar and mysterious observance. Maybe like us, your obesrvance of Christ's passion has been limited to Good Friday and Easter Sunday. This devotional may be a great resourse for you as well to engage in a powerful tradition that goes back to the fifth century of the church... reflecting on the passion of Christ in the 40 days leading to up to ressurrection Sunday.

Mary and I highly recommend this devotional, and it's not too late to join us in this journey of experiencing Christ's passion this Easter season.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Transplant

"Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring."
Proverbs 27:1

On Friday morning, February 26, in my daily study of the Bible, I read the 27th chapter of Proverbs as I started my day. I remember reading this first verse and thinking about it's truth, but little did I know that in a few hours we would be living in its reality. Friday was a rainy day in Boston, a refreshing change from a continually snowy winter. Mary and I had an unusually uneventful Friday evening planned, so we decided to give our homeowners a date night and told them we would take care of their children for the evening. We ordered pizza and as I drove to Domino's around 6:00, I noticed that the rain was changing consistency as it turned to snow. We watched a movie with the kids, and at 9:00 we turned off the movie to go upstairs and put the boys to bed. As we were getting up off the couch, Mary stopped and asked me to put her phone in my pocket. I grabbed it, stuck it in my pocket, and we headed to the boy's bedrooms. Mary and I were kneeling next to Ethan's bed, praying the Lord's prayer with him out loud when I felt Mary's phone vibrating in my pocket. I rushed out of the room and answered the phone. I heard Mary's sister, Rachel, say calmly yet with a small quiver in her voice, "Hi Peter, it's Rachel, is Mary there?" I rushed in and handed the phone to Mary. I saw her eyes widen, take a deep breath, and say, "OK... I will see you soon."

I knew what those words meant... The call had come... 110 days since Rachel had been put on the list to await a lung transplant because of the deterioration to her lungs caused by Cystic Fibrosis (CF). Her young age and other factors (such as her spunky spirit) made her an ideal candidate for a double lung transplant. Four years ago, Rachel had started meeting with the transplant team, getting tests done, and was heading in that direction. In the meanwhile, doctors realized a medication that improved Rachel's lungs, majorly postponing the plans for the transplant (which was a good thing). As time progressed, Rachel's lungs developed further resistance to medication and treatment, which led to the resurfacing of the transplant plans. On November 9, 2010, Rachel was officially listed on the transplant list, and began waiting for the day new lungs would be available. That day had come.

Mary finished talking with Rachel as I ran down the stairs to get on the phone with Southwest Airlines. I waited on hold for a few minutes, and Mary came downstairs to gather some extra things to put in her pre-packed bag. Soon a sweet lady who works for Southwest Airlines answered my call, and I explained the situation and asked when the next flight to Baltimore would be. She quickly pulled up the flights on her computer, and said, "I'm sorry sir, but it looks like the last flight out to Baltimore was a 7:30 flight." I paused for a moment to consider what to do next. It was now a little past 9:30. My mind raced through the options... If Mary waited until morning to fly out, there would be no chance to see Rachel before the transplant began... Then I thought, I could drive... But as I calculated the hours it would take to travel through the night i realized it would not allow us to get there any faster... Then I heard the lady on the phone say, "But sir, it looks like the 7:30 flight has been delayed until 11:30... There is room on the flight if you want to try to catch it." I thanked her for her help and went to talk with Mary about our options. We decided that we would both catch the delayed flight. (In our previous planning, we had never considered both of us flying out but planned that Mary would fly out and I would come on the weekend... But here we were on a Friday night, with no work scheduled for the weekend and flexibility with schoolwork... It was the perfect timing for me to come too.) I quickly gathered some clothes in my backpack and called the homeowners to let them know that we needed them to come so that we could take off. As they answered the phone, I said, "I'm really sorry about this, but Mary and I need you to come home." To my great relief they responded, "Good timing, we are pulling up to the house now." As they came in the door, they offered to give us a ride to the airport.

A few minutes later, we were in the car on our way to Boston Logan International Airport. Thankfully we only live about 30 minutes from the airport, and by 10:45 we were making our way through security to await the boarding of our plane. We found out that the flight had been delayed a little more until 12:20, which gave us some time to make some much needed phone calls. The word spread fast via phone calls and Facebook as people across the country began to praying for Rachel and the family. We do not know the full extent of the prayers of God's people interceding over the past few days, but this we do know... the power of these prayers has been seen and felt.

We arrived in Baltimore around 2:00 am, and a friend of ours from Hagerstown had arranged for her brother, who lives in Baltimore, to pick us up from the airport and take us to Johns Hopkins. This was an incredible blessing in the midst of a busy night to have a ride to the airport... By someone we didn't even know! We were beginning to see the fingerprints of God's hand behind every detail of the night.

We arrived at Hopkins around 3:00 am, where we met Sam and Karen in the lobby. We headed upstairs to the waiting room of the ICU and tried to make ourselves comfortable for the next couple of hours. Rachel and Jonathan were getting some rest in her room where she had been prepped for the surgery to begin in the morning. The surgeon was at home getting good night's rest, while the transplant team was running tests on the donor's lungs to make sure they were a match.

Mary and I were restless after our night of traveling, and since Mary had not had time to do her evening routine when we got the call, we went in the hallway to do PT. About 5:00 am, Jonathan came out to let us know that Rachel was awake, and we went in to hang out with her for about a half hour. She was calm as could be... Probably calmer than I am when I go to get a flu shot, and a few hours away from a double lung transplant, it was totally evident that the Lord had prepared her for this day. We left the room and Rachel and Jonathan spent time together before the doctors came around 6:00 a.m. to take Rachel to the O.R. to prep for the transplant.

Rachel's husband, Jonathan, recounts the hours and days to follow on their blog... Visit it at

Today is two weeks since Rachel got her new lungs, and amazingly she is at home beginning her new life. She is doing extremely well. We are all thankful for your support and prayers. Throughout the last two weeks, our prayer has been that of Psalm 119:74... "Let those who fear you and see me rejoice, because [we] have hoped in your word."


Monday, March 7, 2011

The Great Stock Up

So Far, the coupon adventure has been great! haha... as you can see we got stocked up on cereal for the next 2 or 3 months! I used coupons and we got these boxes of cereal for $1.75 each!
We saved close to 20 dollars with our coupons! Now we are stocked up and happy with our saving! haha, I sound so silly!

Tomorrow I babysit my little 22 month old!

Also, Rachel is still planning on coming home tomorrow... so I CAN'T wait to hear how she is doing as she relaxes at home!

This morning I had quite an interesting time in the Word- I was reading Luke 5, and it talks about leprosy. So I went to Leviticus 13 to learn more... and let me just say, that was very interesting! I'm still trying to figure out the whole skin disease, priest examination...etc.

God is so faithful, and I'm so glad to be His servant!

Off to enjoy my Monday night date with my sweet Husband!



After our trip to Baltimore and coming home, Peter and I are back into the swing of things now. He is at school this morning, and is going to make-up a Greek exam that happened while we were in MD (he is so amazing at the whole Greek thing though, so I'm not worried at all!).
Today will be pretty relaxed for me. I will go to the grocery store at some point... on that note, I have some exciting news...hehe, well exciting to me... We got coupons! We had to order the Sunday paper in order to get the coupons, so we got a deal for half off, and now I get to use coupons! I'm pleased with little things in life :)
I spent a while last night cutting them all out, and sorting them... it was fun!

Later this week I have my first doctor's visit with my "Liver Doctor" at our hospital here in Boston. I may have to go see my CF doctor also because I have been coughing more, and we don't want to let it get out of control.

On an exciting note... We are hoping for Rachel to come home from the hospital tomorrow (Tuesday)!!! I know that she will still be in pain, and still be recovering, but I really think she will be more comfortable in her own home, her own bed, eating her own food...and still drinking Mt. Dew of course!

Yesterday I heard back from a family I applied to work with! They have a 7 month old little boy! I'm very excited to see if this job might work out! It's for Mondays...that would mean I have a job everyday of the week! Praise the Lord! And we have only been living here for a little over a month!

Until Later-
P.S We were very excited on Saturday, because we got our wedding pictures! 

Friday, March 4, 2011

From everlasting to everlasting...

This painting was given to us for our wedding! It says, "From everlasting to everlasting you are God"

Proverbs 27:1

Do not boast about tomorrow,
   for you do not know what a day may bring.

Peter happened to read this verse one week ago...Friday morning... just hours before we got the call! God is so faithful! He was preparing us for what was to come in the days to follow, we just didn't know it!

Random picture of Peter and I this summer

Transplant, pot pie and a pineapple

                                            This is Rachel and I 4 days after her transplant!
                                           Momma telling a story to the Slick family (Rachel's in-laws)
                                           Chicken pot pie baking in the oven
                                             Getting ready to eat!
                                                       Peter carved the pineapple- Yum!