Friday, March 18, 2011

Warm cookies and milk- my favorite!

Today I woke up not feeling very well. So After I did my vest, I fell asleep. I have an interview this afternoon, and I kept on dreaming that I was late and I missed my interview! Not very restful! When I woke up, my body was ready for some food... My menu this morning consisted of: left-over spaghetti, strawberry yogurt, "Pillsbury" country biscuits (only not actually Pillsbury) with butter and jam, and to finish it of, some fresh, warm cookies and milk! I'm not "normal" with my eating patterns all of the time, but come on, everybody loves warm cookies and milk in the morning, right?!
Have a blessed day as you walk each step in His strength! And If we Truly are walking each step with Him, how can we not be blessed?

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