Monday, March 28, 2011

Massachusettes to Maryland and Vice Versa

These are pictures from our sushi dinner on Sunday before evening church!

On Wednesday Peter and I drove to Maryland to visit our families! It was a little different than we anticipated, because Rachel was in the hospital. We are very sad that she has to be in the hospital and that we didn't get to see her or give her a hug. We did get to spend time with the Frey family and my mom and dad for a couple of days. We love you and miss you Rachel, and we will come back so that we can hang out together!!!! I love you!

While we were in MD...
we ate lunch with my grandparents...
went to Aldi (since we don't have one here in Danvers)...
Visited the Briggs (The amazing family who I spent the summer with last year)...
And visited with a few other friends too!

It was a short visit, but we had a good time!

I'm thankful for any time we get to spend in Hagerstown with our precious family!


  1. It is always a bless seeing you guys in WV.Love you.

  2. I missed seeing you and Peter too : ( We want to come up soon for some lobster rolls!!!