Monday, March 28, 2011

Facebook- good, bad, or ugly?

Well, there are many mixed reviews of the famous (or perhaps INFAMOUS) Facebook fad... dun dun dun!
Tonight, I have decided that it is GOOD!
As I was looking through the "happenings" in the ciberworld/facebook I saw a post from the chick-fil-a right down the street from Peter and I...
It read "come in tonight and mention this facebook post and get 8 free nuggets or three free strips". When I read that, my tummy and heart smiled.

As we walked out of chick fil a Peter wondered, "do you think they know how much of Chick-fil-a fanatics we are???" haha... they will with time, oh yes, they will.

Yes, tonight, Facebook, you have served your purpose!

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