Monday, March 21, 2011

Steve and his fresh turkey!

Hello all! Thanks for your prayers concerning my health. I am feeling better and still mending up. I have less side effects from the meds than when I first came home from the hospital- that is so nice! I can walk around without feeling like I'm swaying on a boat!
There was a day when it was so warm outside...and Peter and I had a picnic ! I got to see Salem MA for the first time (yes, the Scarlet letter place/witch trials).
I packed everything we needed for our picnic...except turkey. So after we parked our car, we went walking to find the nearest grocery store... and we walked, and walked and walked. It was more exercise than I've done in a long time (which is really good for me). Finally, we found it "Steve's Fresh Market". You know you've found a winner when it has the word "fresh" in the name!
So we bought our turkey and made our sandwiches and ate our picnic! A wonderful date with my wonderful Husband!!!!!


  1. That's so cute... I've always wanted to go to Salem....

  2. That's adorable!!! You reminded me of the picnic you had with us "the Briggs kids" at the park.It was alot of fun and I will never forget it.I was asking Cate about you today and I am glad you are feeling well!

  3. You two are just the sweetest couple...thanks for sharing about your life together. You encourage us to walk a life lived for the Lord...even with your picnic story and how God provides. Love you guys.