Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This old man came rolling home...

Tonight Peter and I were on our way home in the car from running out together...we found ourselves singing at the top of our lungs...in exceedingly faster rhythms... "this old man, he played one, he played knick nack on my drum...with a knick nack pattywack" (You get the idea). We were just singing away, and then started laughing when we realized how funny it was that two adults were singing very loudly such a silly song! Oh, good times with the Boston Freys!
The pictures...
#1 Peter cooking Thai Chicken Curry in the crockpot
#2 Amazing flowers Peter brought home for me one night from a catering event!
#3 Peter being super cute on our honeymoon


  1. You guys are too much...I love that you love flowers from a catering service...they are beautiful and any guy who cooks is worth a million to me...way to go Peter !

  2. You guys are too funny :)but I still love you.