Monday, April 25, 2011

Singing, sermon, sweets and sweat

Yesterday we went to Arlington to our new church to celebrate Easter Sunday! The service was fantastic! There was music, and the sermon, and ... Baptism! Baptism is a reality in our lives as followers of Christ that just as Jesus was buried and raised to life, so we are baptized and rise out of the water. What more appropriate day is there to have baptisms than on Easter morning?!?! We loved worshiping with our fellow believers as they followed Jesus in Baptism on Easter!
After the service we were all invited to stay for a picnic! It was beautiful! They served the most unique church picnic lunch...and it was DELICIOUS! It was cous cous (I think) with herbs and spinach, Focaccia bread and a cookie. They also had cotton candy (which was served by one very sticky pastor) and popcorn. There were even three people who played music (a saxophone, clarinet and a banjo)! It was so much fun. We really don't know very many people yet, so we kind of wandered around and tried to say hello to some people.
After we finished eating... we helped clean up. The church actually met in Arlington town hall because they expected so many people that we wouldn't fit in our church building! We helped to pack up all the sound equipment, tent, tables...etc and took it all back to the church which is right across the street. There was even a police officer there all morning directing traffic so people could walk across the street! It was so nice outside and warm... and after pushing a huge speaker and tearing down a tent... I guess you could say we were a little damp...I mean we were so sweaty!!! If you are familiar with Cystic Fibrosis, then you might also know how salty I might have been after that... yes, indeed I was a pretzel!
We hope you also had a great Easter, celebrating the reality of our Risen Savior!

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