Friday, May 6, 2011

The past two weeks

The beginning of the parade
Peter and I at a frozen yogurt place (we had a coupon!)
Peeking in Charm City Cakes
Charm City Cakes in Baltimore
My amazing sister
My Momma and Me!
The four Meroney Girls
Hair in eyes shield
Are you ready for a haircut?!?
This is Peter in our homemade barber's gown
#1 Sorry I haven't blogged in forever!

Hello All! Well, the past two weeks have been nothing less than EXCITING! Since I last blogged, Peter and I have had a ton of adventures, and I can't wait to tell you about them.
I think the best way to capture the exciting adventures of the last two weeks is in pictures... so here we go!

First, Peter gets a haircut...and I'm wearing a star wars helmet because the hair was getting in my eyes.
Then I flew home and surprised my family and spend a couple of days with them! So much fun! I was so glad to get to spend some much needed time with my sister- I haven't gotten to hang out with her since her transplant!
While I was home, I got to see my very amazing friend, Catelyn Briggs (and her brothers)!
While my mom, sis and I were in Baltimore, we went to see Charm city Cakes... and I tried to look through their mail slot to see inside...I really couldn't see anything.
When I got home to Danvers, there was a parade in front of our house!


  1. Gah! I asked Russ to drive us by Charm City Cakes when we were in Baltimore, but I most certainly did NOT have the courage to go peek in their mail slot. Silly girl!

  2. Looked like you had great 2 weeks of adventures. Great pictures by the way :)

  3. Love the pics....So glad you were able to spend some time with your sister.You both look wonderful...and Cate loved your surprise visit.