Saturday, September 10, 2011

Brookstone, back ache, and back to school

Today was a fun day for Peter and I!
First... we went to a farmers market right here in Marblehead... we got a Tomato :)

Later this afternoon we had a free dinner at Peter's school. Since we are in New England we didn't find this to be the kind of large group meal where they have everyone bring a salad and main dish, or where they order fried chicken or subs... nope, this was an all out CLAM BAKE! Yummy! We had clams (precisely 5 each), clam chowder, corn on the cob, chicken, cole slaw, pasta salad and napkins ( I guess that is a given).
What a blessing! A yummy, free dinner- and a great time to meet other people!

Then... we went over to the mall to walk around and just be together (we love doing that)!
We walked into Brookstone (It's a store full of fun stuff that they try to convince you that you can't live without- needless to say, we walked out empty handed). Let's just say they had the most amazing massage therapy chair. Well, that was fun, and I'm sure I looked ridiculous reclining in "anti gravity" mode and having my back, neck and feet messaged all at the same time.

Back to school...
Monday marks the first day of this semester-and we are very excited! Peter is in a class called "The Theology of the Pentateuch", so we are reading the Pentateuch together out loud...and we are about to catch up on some of that reading, so I gotta go!
Thanks for reading...and thank you for your support and love!


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